Bamenda I Votes Budget, Appeals for Investors

The Mayor of the Bamenda I Council, Mbigha Njah Felix has called on investors to take advantage of the peace and tranquility currently prevailing in the subdivision to invest.

The call was made Thursday 21st December 2023, as the council held its budgetary session.

Mayor Mbigha Njah Felix was pleased that other economic operators are already investing in the subdivision and thinks it is time enough for others to join them.

“In a few months from now, a shopping mall will go operational in the subdivision. The market is already a great asset to the community. With the peace we enjoy today, other economic operators can set up their businesses here” Mayor Mbigha remarked.

Hitherto known only as the Administrative headquarters of the North West Region, Bamendakwe has today proven to be a huge asset for construction and investment in the region

To this end, the councillors voted a budget balance in income and expenditure at 1 billion Francs CFA. The budget realizes an increase of almost 250 million francs CFA.

Speaking to The City FM , the Mayor was assured that the front-end loader acquired two years ago has opened up farm-to-market roads, maintained seasonal roads and in 2024, a grader will be added for more roads to be done.

Water and electricity extension to the other areas of the subdivision, the construction of bridges and the reception of the proximity stadium in Ntaafi are amongst the priority projects listed by Mayor Mbigha Felix.

The councillors are upbeat that the budget is realistic and if properly executed, life will turn for the better in 2024.


Ndi Tsembom Elvis

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