Bike Riders Cry Out Against Security Excesses

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Bike riders in Bamenda have for some weeks now been pouring out their frustration against the exaggerated and strict application by forces of law and order, q préfectoral order banning the circulation of motorbikes after 6 pm.

The ban, initiated through a release dated December 1, and signed by the Senior Divisional Officer for Mezam, Simon Emile Moor, aimed to restrict motorbikes from certain zones within Bamenda from 6:00 pm till dawn.

According to “Neba” a commercial bike rider the military have now taken the laws into their hands and are over doing it.

“How come the SDO will state the places where bikes are supposed to work and the Police come right into the quarter at Azire old church junction to take our bikes. We were eight in number … It’s as if this country doesn’t care about us bike riders” said Arnold Tang, another commercial bike rider.

It remains unclear when this communiqué will be withdrawn but critics have been quick to condemn the outing of the SDO which to them was unnecessary and has now given unlimited powers to the forces of law and order who now act out of the jurisdiction of the order.

By Sama Wesley

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