PWD Falls Again.

Elite 1: PWD 0#1 Aigle

It was yet another painful defeat for PWD Bamenda after they lost to Union Douala on day 15. Barely four days after their day- 16 action of the elite one championship in Mbouda on Feb. 21, 2024 against visiting Aigle of Dschang was not better. The game produced left back defence man, Tendoh Elton James as the only thing to write home about the Abakwa team.

James was solid at the back and his runs up front were impressive but unproductive. It is his performance that helped him take home cfa 15.000 as Fongod’s Man of the match.

Img 20240222 Wa0076
Tendoh Elton Takes home Fongod’s Man of the match award

The Fongod’s man of the match initiative covers the 2023/2024 elite I and II championships. The initiative promotes the game of soccer, encourages and rewards talent and brings visibility to actors who excel during home games by North west teams with the celebrated soccer promoter, Ba Nkom Fongod Edwina Nuvaga credited for the initiative.

Fongod’s man of the match recognizes and rewards either, the best player, coach, or Fan club during home games of North West teams, PWD Bamenda, Yong Sports Academy, Rangers FC of Bafut, Foncha Street FC and Bafmeng United with Choves Loh as the Project Manager.


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