B’da I Youths Demand to Lynch Security Officer

Traffic circulation into and out of Bamenda through the Station Hill road was interrupted for over two hours this morning as hundreds of youths blocked the Governor’s junction and demanded a security officer be released to them for stabbing to death a university student at the Mile I junction.

Awazi Junior alias DJ Junior a first year student of the University of Bamenda was reportedly stabbed by the suspected gendarmerie office in the early hours of Thursday outside a drinking spot at Mile I, Station.

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Fon of Bamendankwe and B’da I DO

Details of the story are still very sketchy. A close friend of DJ Junior who was the first to respond to his cries for help said they was a skirmish between DJ and some security officials in plain cloth. According to his friend, he went up to the police control at Mile I and complained about harassment by the particular gendarmerie officer. On his eway back he was confronted by the gendarme as he narrated and stabbed three times on the chest.

The officer run for his life after committing the act. Those at the scene pursued him but they were prevented by the police at the Mile I control who threaten to fire st them if they continue their chase.
DJ Junior was rushed to the Mbingo Annex Hispotal Finance Junction but unfortunately gave up the ghost.

The City Mayor, Fon of Bamendakwe, D.O Bamenda I and the SDO all descended to the Governor’s Junction to help disperse the growing crowd and open up road circulation.

The authorities assured the youth that the officer in question has been detained at the Gendarmarie Legion and investigations have been opened. The SDO asked the rest of the population to return to work why the authorities handle the situation.

The youths complained of constant harassment and killings by the forces of law and order. Most of the perpetrators the say go unpunished and that is the reason why the wanted action to be taken immediately.

By Abongwa Fozo

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