Fon Angwafor IV Installs New Quarter Councils

Mankon Fon Installs new quarter administrators and councillors.

Fon Angwafor IV of Mankon has installed the first set of quarter administrators and councillors in his reign as Fon of Mankon.

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The event which unfolded at the Mankon palace is the first of it’s kind since his ascension to throne as Fon of Mankon on June 7th 2022.

The installation comes after seven councillors were elected by each quarter and presented to the Nkwi’fo to choose the quarter heads and administrators from among the elected irrespective of the number of votes they had.

The Monarch also called on the population to support the new councillors so as to get the best of their ability.

The visible reaction of a majority was a proof that they are comfortable with those who were selected from among the councillors to be administrators.

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By C.K Bryants

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